Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Why I'm a Liberal

Joe Ammoun, President

For me personally, the Liberal Democrats are the true party of social justice, of international concern as well as local unity and prosperity, of Liberty and Freedom, not just in the political sense but in the social and economic spheres as well.

It should shame us that we live in a country where the poorest child is twice as likely to fail their GCSEs as their class mates. It should shame us that the poorest people in the UK have a life expectancy 13 years below that of the richest. It should shame us that the quality of health care and education one receives is often determined by your financial situation or your parent's background (or even how many parent's you have.) If a person is to be truly free, they must have an equality of opportunity – while privatisation is not necessarily a bad thing, and while investing extra resources for your children is commendable, those who do not have those advantages should never be disadvantaged when it comes to matter of selection, and when it comes to the valuing of human life.

Internationally the situation is worse, with our Government wilfully engaging in a hypocrisy that commends troops while denying them adequate protection, that denounces dictatorship while undermining democracy and which condemns past genocides while ignoring those of the present. The Liberal Democrat's would bring a morality to foreign policy that has far too often been suppressed by greed and self interest. The Lib Dem's would honour the promises made by our Government to tackle climate change, world poverty and disease.

The Lib Dem's are the party that has most closely aimed to protect the Civil Liberties of individuals and communities, standing against legislation that allows men and women to be locked up without charge, leading the cry against ID cards (that have been shown up as even more dangerous in the startling incompetence displayed in the recent debacle of data 'disappearance') identifying restrictive legislation it will repeal in power.

Somebody asked me recently why it was necessary to have three parties in British politics. If 'British Politics' exists for the benefit of Government and elites, for the self aggrandisement of politicians and the indulging of megalomaniacs then I am sure than it wouldn't be desirable to have a third party – in fact, it would be rather more convenient to only have one, or to do away with them entirely. But British Politics does not and should not operate for the sake of a Government, but for the sake of Good Government. It should operate for every citizen, it should be a system that encourages debate, freedom and equality, a system that encourages every voice to be heard and which ensures that power is held in the hands of those affected. That purpose is served by the existence of a multi party system, and that vision would be best realised through the Liberal Democrats.

Joe Ammoun
President, OULD


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  2. Hello Ould,

    I need your help now....

    Tired of waiting for politics and politicians to defeat those who are purposely destroying our planet? What would you do if given the pivotal wisdom required to drive a stake through the heart of these evil bloodsuckers' hidden power sources? Would you complain because it's not your "thing" or would you show some courage and do what is right for the sake of all life, regardless of your personal desires and most cherished opinions?

    Use this special "gift" (rosenrot...) wisely...

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