Wednesday, 9 January 2008

An OULD brand?

Sean McMahon, Press & Publicity Officer

One of David Cameron's first actions as leader of the Conservatives was to refresh the party's visual identity. A new logo, colour scheme and official font were chosen, together with a set of guidelines for their usage. This was more than a token gesture of reform - the new brand feels genuinely fresh, youthful and optimistic.

Unfortunately for those of us who love the bird of liberty, research shows that the Liberal Democrats would benefit from a similar overhaul. Survey respondents who've never heard of the Liberal Democrats find our logo "energetic" but weak. We need to project assertiveness, authority and modernity, but as one leading brand manager put it, the bird "lacks strength and doesn't suggest a party which is confident to grasp the opportunity of leadership and run with it." (And yellow is just ugly.)

So why have we reformed the OULD logo, website, posters, termcards, banner, membership cards and indeed ad libitum to reflect that very visual identity? Even our OUSU slate ran with the party's official font on their posters. The answer is pragmatic: it helps us to appear professional, well-funded and in touch with head office, and it helps to spread awareness and recognition of the party - part of the justification for our existence. Rest assured, however: if Clegg rebrands, so will we.


  1. Is Nick going to give us a much needed re-brand. Yellow, especially in high doses, is sick-making. Although the bird at the top right of this blog does look rather good.

  2. I've no idea whether he is going to - I just hope he does.

  3. nope...another disappointment